User Guide

 We believe that the ordering process should be as simple as

- To get started sign up for an account, once approved you will have assess to all the templates and functionality.

- Once approved its time to start creating your artwork library, To do this download all your templates from

  the template tab then follow the instructions for sizing and saving.

- When you have created your artwork library you are now ready to place orders. (Always use a product specific name as this is how 

it will be displayed in your library i.e iP6-Greendots for iPhone 6 Green Dots, This will make reordering much easier)

- Simply choose the artwork and the product, add to cart, add your customers details and finally choose your shipping method.

- Once received we will process the order in 48hrs and dispatch directly to your customer with the chosen shipping method.

- If you have chosen a tracked option you can view the tracking info in your order history.


If you have any further questions or would like to talk to a member of the team please email us on or call 01264 363200